ChatGPT’s Hard Limitations

Timur Bakibayev, Ph.D.
3 min readOct 16

Why Google Bard and Apple Ajax are going to be better

We all love how tools like ChatGPT and Copilot have made life easier, especially when it comes to coding. They’re like having an extra brain that saves us hours! But, there’s a catch that’s hard to ignore: these tools don’t really “know” us. They miss that personal touch, and here’s why that matters.

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Hey, is there a coffee shop near me that I would like?

Think about ChatGPT, our helpful chatbot. It’s smart, but it doesn’t know anything about us personally. This is where it trips up. For example, if we ask it, “What’s the best way to get home from here?” or “Where’s the closest gas station?”, it draws a blank. It doesn’t know “here” because it doesn’t know where we are.

Now, compare this with Google’s Bard or the upcoming Ajax from Apple. These tools have a big advantage — they know us better because they can use information that we’ve already given to Google or Apple. So, they can easily tell us about traffic on our usual route home, remind us of an appointment, or even suggest restaurants we might like for dinner because they know our past choices.

Imagine this: you’re walking on the street, and you ask your AI, “Hey, is there a coffee shop near me that I would like?” Bard or Ajax could suggest your favorite spot around the corner, knowing your regular order is a cappuccino. But ChatGPT? It would need to ask more questions since it doesn’t know your location or coffee preferences.

Here’s another one: say you’re at home feeling bored. You ask your AI for movie suggestions. Bard or Ajax could remind you that you didn’t finish watching that one movie you started last week, or suggest a new horror flick because it knows you’ve watched every scary movie on your streaming platform. ChatGPT, on the other hand, would likely recommend popular or critically acclaimed movies, but not ones based on your unique habits.

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Despite these hiccups, ChatGPT has its strengths. It’s a star when we need help with tasks that don’t need personal info. Plus, many apps that use AI prefer working with ChatGPT because it’s fast, doesn’t cost…

Timur Bakibayev, Ph.D.